Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barrie gets two more trains

One to carry the foreman and the other his cold beverages.

Full story here


Anonymous said...

While I am super happy that they have finally added trains and maybe I might not have to sit on the floor every day!
Why would you change the time for the first train so it won't get to rutherford till 706 (first train use to be 648) and you don't get into union till almost 8...for anyone who has to start early this really sucks!
Why couldn't they just leave the first train and stagger the middle 3...
The evening schedule is fantastic!
So I guess I should be thankful for anything we can get!

TomW said...

@ Anon: You'll be happy to know you're wrong! The first train will leave Barrie at 5:30am (source), 11 minutes earlier than it does at present. Assuming timings reamin the same, the first Rutherford train would be at 6:35, not 7:06.

Sylv said...

Woohoo! I will now have to be at the station 13 minutes earlier in the morning, get into work earlier, and STILL get home at my regular time. Oh wait, that's my boss cheering, not me.

Anonymous said...

the new schedule sucks! it's either i get up 1/2 hour earlier to get into work before 8 or sleep in 15 mins to get in 5 mins after 8. and in the evenings...i can eithr sprint to make it for the 5:05 train or wait for the next one and get home 1/2 hour later. i don't like change!