Friday, June 10, 2011

Speed it up, folks

Matt writes in an email:

My pet peeve (about all these crazy train folks) is the people in front of me who meander at a snail’s pace through Union at 5pm, and never move in a straight line. You know the type...that seemingly whenever you sidestep to get around them so you can get to your platform before the train leaves, they instinctively shuffle that way to cut you off? You try to get through the door, and they cut you off. You try to punch your 10-ride, they cut you off. You try to get to the stairs, and they cut you off again.

Quite often these people are also lugging around rolling briefcases and pause at the bottom of the stairs for a while trying to get the handle down so that they can carry it up the stairs. That also pisses me off...if they can carry it up the stairs, why the f*ck are they not carrying it to begin with?

Woah...that f-bomb came out of nowhere, but it felt good. I feel better.
That's why I'm here, Matt. That's why I'm here.


RonNasty said...

Once I learned how that you can gain access to any track without having to go through this part of Union Station I was so relieved. I never see this part of Union station.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Ron, there are secret routes to avoid the herd of grazing cows in the concourse. One just needs the luxury to find them.

Jen said...

One of the many reasons I walk outside and head to my track from the VIA level.

I have also started an informal policy in the morning when trying to get around these people. The second time I try to get around them and they cut me off, I walk in a straight line and most times end up knocking my bag against their arms. Completely rude on my part, but it can be construed as an accident.

LSWgoer said...

omg. I just watched the video. I don't experience that 'cuz i use another enterance - can't believe people just sauntering along, lalala, as though window shopping. Get a move-on buffalos!

Dan-1 said...

Using the Teamways bypasses all the GO concourse madness.

Bicky said...

After 20 years of commuting by GO, I've learned the fine art of dodging turtles (aka bobbing and weaving). I can blow by those turtles with ease. :o)