Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Presented without comment

Snapped on the 8:13 pm Union to Oshawa train yesterday by yours truly.


C.J. Smith said...

Anyone notice what's scrawled over Flaherty's head? Appalling, really.

Hopefully GO has since removed this poster.

Brent said...

Is there some hidden conservative-cricket axis of power that I've never been told about?

I'd like to paddle one on that list myself, actually. But apparently he ain't coming to the parade. Damn. There goes all my BDSM fantasies.

TomW said...

The guest-list has put me right off attending. (Although if I had the chance to bowl a beamer at a Ford, I wouldn't say no...)

TomW said...

Also, none of them know how to hold a cricket bat correctly. They are treating it like a baseball bat. (Although Christine Elliott seems to be on the right track)