Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here you go, but you have to stand the whole way

Seats? Nope.

Bike racks? Absolutely.

This is a photo of a Bombardier BiLevel 2746 coach before it was converted back to one with seats where your fat asses could sit.

How about you just ride your bike all the way to work from where you live? Imagine the calories burned? Imagine the weight loss!

Mmm ... how long, I wonder, to pedal from Bomanville to Queen and Bay?

All I know is, if I did it, I'd be able to crack walnuts with my calf muscles after a year.


GOTransitBitch said...

Quite frankly, I'm surprised they haven't come up with this for passengers. Just an empty car. Do you know how many people you can get into a car without seats? I bet it's a lot. And I bet there's been a brainstorming session at GO where they seriously considered this, then ditched it.

Anonymous said...

This idea already exists. Hook up a cattle car, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

It would take 8 bf does newcastle to union (for fun) and it takes about that much time

mumzthewurd said...

maybe the seats are upstairs?

Anonymous said...

this is a speciality car specifically meant for travel to niagara falls. you will never see these cars on regular trains as go is in the business of public transportation, not bicycle transportation.

Anonymous said...

This is the car for the Niagara Falls seasonal service. As far as I know they still have the bike racks and have not turned it into seats.