Thursday, June 2, 2011

Applying makeup on a train is an art

So says this blogger ... (not me)

"I ride the train every morning to work, and my favorite part of the ride is watching women do their makeup. I do not judge. In fact, I am absolutely impressed, and always stare in adoration of those who posses such a honed craft. I believe it takes a certain level of skill and self-confidence for a woman to do her makeup on the train. You have to be comfortable with people watching you cover up your dark circles, you have to be able to use eyeliner without poking your eyes out; and, you have to put up with people like me thinking that shade of red just doesn’t look quite right for your complexion".

I know there are some of you who are fascinated (and some horrified) that there are women who do this so keep reading ...


lswgirl13 said...

I will only apply/re-touch lipstick, that's as far as I'll go. If I showed up in the morning without make-up I would scare the other riders **hmmmmm, a quad all to myself . . . brilliant!!**

I'd like to see someone try an eyelash curler on the train. One sudden jerk and that could prove quite painful.

Donna said...

While I do agree that the train is not the proper place for personal grooming, I do agree that it takes talent do be able to put on your entire face while on a moving train. I need two free hands and a steady mirror. If I had a volunteer to hold said mirror I could quite possibly do it... But if I was that short of time in the am, I'd still save that ritual for the bathroom at work.

kary said...

Lipstick for me too, that's all I carry. I can't imagine doing eye-makeup on the train. It doesn't offend me to see women do it, as long as they aren't putting other people out. I hear some take over the bathrooms, which is not considerate at all.