Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday. Will the Barrie Folks get home on time?

Last Friday, I missed the 410 to Barrie by a minute and caught the 440.

We pulled into the first station (york university) and sit for 5 min. Then the CSA says we will be delayed...

10 minutes later, I get this text from Go transit:
As we are unable to contact the foreman responsible for track repairs south of Rutherford GO Station, the Union 16:10 - Barrie South 17:47 train trip is holding south of Rutherford. The current delay is 20 minutes. The Union 16:10 - Barrie South 17:47 train trip will proceed to York University and will hold until permission is granted to proceed.
The Union 17:17 - Barrie South 18:57 train trip will hold at Union Station until the earlier trains have permission to proceed. Passengers can expect delays of up to 45 minutes. An update will be provided when both trains are on the move. We apologize for the inconvenience.
My question is, where the hell did the foreman go? How do you lose a foreman?

Did they not know 4 trains had to go this afternoon...???

Every Friday, there's always a delay!!!

Lady in Pink


Anonymous said...

I smell a song in all this... "I shot the foreman, but I did not shoot the deputy foreman..."

Sylv said...

It is 16:40 and I am on the 16:10 Barrie train right now. We have made it to Rutherford without delay...

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that normally GO contracts work out to a certain company. On this occasion, they contracted it out to a different one with a different foreman.

He was dealt with appropriately afterword, however he was nowhere to be found for quite some time (to a point where GO thought something serious happened to him)