Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spot the donkeys

Submitted by SM via email
Shot on location at the Brampton GO Parking Lot


Jen said...

I am getting to the point where I will start carrying cheap lipstick in my purse and go around marking the back windshields of the parking donkeys.

The new parking lot at Ajax is open, yet there is no difference with the parking lot donkeys.

Anonymous said...

there is a BIG difference inthe Ajax lot. sure there is still the odd lazy fucker who cant be bothered to walk their fat assets to the new lot, but 90% of the illegal parkers no longer exist.

Jen said...

That may be true in the old south lot, but they still park all over the place in the North lot. I notice the ones parked in the yellow area at the end of the rows, because I have to be careful of where I park so that I do not hit them on my way out of the parking space. I drive a whale and it has a large turning radius.