Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Parking donkeys are fun but it's time to change the banner. Again.

My husband wants one of the circles to become the Incredible Hulk. Cool. But what's the Hulk mad over? What is the circle on the left doing to make the circle on the right angry?

Suggestions are welcome in comments, email ( or text message (9054427423).
Don't say Jason. Okay, you can say Jason. Just tell me the scenario.


Domasław and Pawel said...

hello from Poland!

We are students in commercial school and on radio this morning we heard this website! Our English is not so good but we have translator and we wanted to tell you how funny we like it! Good job!!! We will share with friends. Now we know when we come visit family in Toronto we need to take GO Train and see the fun! We like how you artist and make jokes! Videos are the best! You should have site like this in every country.


C.J. Smith said...

Hey guys! Thanks! I found the English to be just fine.

Dan-1 said...

"Hulk mad because he sitting next to person that talk about vasectomy on phone, grrrr. Too much information for Hulk."