Friday, June 24, 2011

At least she didn't cough it up. Woman leaves hairball behind on train


Enjoy reading yr blog. Boarded the 8.20am train from Meadowvale Go this morning to Union (Milton Line).

The lady sitting diagonally opposite to me in the quad, pulls her hair brush out and decides to go to town. She has wet hair and starts brushing her hair. If that's not bad enough, she then proceeds to take a break from brushing her hair to pull the hair out of the brush. She then decides to dispose of her hair by rolling it up in a ball and putting it on the seat next to her. After a few more minutes of brushing her hair, interspersed with pulling hair off the brush, she collects all the hair, rolls all into one ball, and drops the hairball on the floor.

You gotta love it!!!!!

Looking for visual proof, pls see attached.



Anonymous said...

I can only yuck this once but really it was more like 100!

Bicky said...

Geez, with enough hairballs that size, she could knit herself a scarf! Ick, ick, ick....

Anonymous said...

Ughhh why doesn't anyone stop them?

Anonymous said...

Women are gross.