Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It ain't dead!

If I had an abuelita, I guarantee you she'd tear her eyes away from the spanish novella she'd be engrossed in and whisper "Ay dios mio" and frantically make the sign of the cross because it appears ... wait for it ... chivalry is not dead.

M&M writes: "5:15 union to Georgetown train. I was running late so I'm standing on the 6th coach, lower level. There is a very pregnant woman standing next to me.

After about 2 mins out of Union, someone offered her a seat, which she graciously declined.

And girl didn't take it! Said she was getting off at Weston."


Anonymous said...

Maybe declining to take a seat does more harm than good: maybe next time that person will think twice before offering their seat.

"Oh, she'll probably just decline it, I won't bother".

Al said...

People are entitled to decline a seat If they do not want it. That should not deter anyone (male or female) from offering thier seat to anyone.