Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's the day after Labour Day. You know what this means? It's over! Care Bear Stare!

The 9:13pm LSE train on Friday (Sep 2) filled up just shortly to standing-room only after I snapped this photo.

I wound up moving three times before the ride home, before we left Union, to three different coaches.

I don't understand why all of these people returning from the Ex were losing their minds over riding the train. It's a GO Train. Imagine these jokers on a VIA Train? Some of these people would probably look at one another and regret they didn't get their "hair did" before leaving the house that morning.

Both myself and another woman were stuck listening to these carnies. Carnies are what I call people who go to the Ex and act like they've just won a trip to Paris. People who think going to the Ex is the most exciting thing, ever. Perhaps I'm jaded from having grown up a mere 4-km bike ride away from the place, but I don't think it's the most exciting thing, ever. It's a bunch of rides, over-priced beverages, run of the mill shows, glorified flea markets, food you have no business eating, coupled with a few interesting aspects worthy of what I describe as "culture". It's not for me, but I get that it's totally the bomb for others. I just don't want to hear it.

I was tired. I had a long day at work - by choice - because I lose a half day Tuesday to bring my kid to school.

All I wanted, along with a few We-GO-Commute-For-Work others was a quiet ride home, free from vulgarity, screaming, yelling, liquor- drinking and pot smokers (yes, someone did light one up on the coach I was on but extinguished it shortly after). I was also subjected to sitting near over-stuffed "prizes" (that will only wind up in a landfill), food-throwing and bearing witness to twenty-somethings decorated with more piercings and tattoos I could count making out.

At one point, several young men and women thought it would be fun to play leap-frog over the seats while playing profanity-laced rap music at volume 100 on devices without headphones.

In the picture above, (aka the "Care Bear Stare") the older couple seated were subjected to being vaulted over by a few of these ass-clowns, who thought partaking in a drunken Olympic-styled running event, made for a good night.

The elderly woman issued a stern, "Watch yourself young man!" This is when I got my back up and prepared to remove my bag for a beat-down, ready to alert my husband to get the bail money in order in case I had to take one of these idiots out for sassing back an elder. The young heathen said nothing and jumped over another seat. Parents with young children got up and left to move to another coach.

I don't understand why GO doesn't have Transit Safety Officers on the later, Friday night trains when the Ex is running. Some people just aren't worthy of the privilege of riding.


C.J. Smith said...

Don't be confused. I intentionally set this post to Tuesday.
- McFly

Jen said...

That is why I steer clear of the EX. Cannot stand the above, but worse, the crowds. Those amblers who decide to stop mid-stride, have people walk into them because OMG! They're AT the EX.

Not for me. And yes, it sounds like they definitely needed a GO-stappo there to halt the festivities.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you press the Passenger Assist strip? The CSA would have then tossed these kids off at the next stop. Problem solved.

Chris said...

Passing the passenger strip works great if you're having a heart attack because you'll get help. Pressing it because a bunch of Oshawa hooligans are misbehaving will result in what? They'll just be told to settle down. One CSA isn't going to try to throw 7 to 11 youths off a train. I know because I've seen this go on.
It also doesn't help if by the time the CSA shows up, you're reaching the last station.
It's always been people getting off at Oshawa who seem to be the worse. I've taken the train two Saturday nights now home from work and people coming back from the Ex need a swift kick in the arse.
Thank you for calling attention to this behaviour. Maybe someone at GO will wise up and put officers on the Sunday/Monday night trains.

Chris said...

**Pressing not passing (sorry)

kary said...

Funny you say the annoying people usually get off at Oshawa. The other day I got an early train home, one which is still in service when it reaches Oshawa. Looking at the people getting on the train in Oshawa, I was embarassed to call this my home town. Pretty much every person looked like they could have been an extra on Trailer Park Boys. And while I'm on that, do men not get that they look ridiculous in a team jersey when they have a huge gut and the jersey is old and now two sizes too small? It should be out-lawed.

Bicky said...

I hate riding the train with jerks like that. But more importantly, did that Care Bear have a ticket to ride? :)

Miller said...

Oh c'mon CJ. Don't be such a party poop. You were young once and I'm sure you were not an angel.

lswgirl13 said...

@Bicky - good call on the Care Bear's ticket!
Kudos to the guy who sparked one up, that takes guts!
Not a bad idea to put some officers on the late(r) night trains, you get some craziness after concerts, Leaf games, etc. and I don't think anyone, older or younger should be subjected to that shit.

Teena in Toronto said...

We went to the Ex on Saturday and the amount of people waiting for the GO Train heading westward that night was crazy. No Care Bears ... lots of Rasta Bananas, though.