Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I've gained a few more readers due to the story in the Star yesterday, but I just want to take a minute and thank those who've been part of this website from when it was first put online and merely known through word of mouth.

There's a core group of about 30-40 religious readers. They know who they are because they are the ones who always make the time to comment, which I truly appreciate.

I also want to thank those who have emailed and texted me in the last 24 hours. I'm sorry if I haven't gotten back to you yet, but I will.

I'm here merely to entertain. I love making people laugh or finding ways to make commuting more entertaining. And for the last time, I do not work for GO Transit nor is this website a bizarre, marketing attempt by the Ontario government to secretly reach out to their customers. I am not 'some paid informant hired by Metrolinx' to 'mole out GO commuter sub-culture' while hiding behind the premise of being a regular GO customer in a 'perverse social experiment'. That statement alone makes me laugh every time.

Please do keep reading and sending in your contributions no matter how lame or un-funny you think you are - even the serious stuff. There's always a way to spin anything into a story. Besides, you'd be surprised at what I find funny.


purple rain said...

You know we've got your back, girl!

FRED said...

I "heart" u.